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I must say that since starting this mission for Matthew that I have learned a lot. I have also met a lot of people. Most of the people I talk to I talk to about the effects of drugs on people. And the dangers that come along with them. The ones with children that I speak to always seem to have at least one child on medication. I explain that drug companies have made up a lot of these medical conditions in order to market their drugs. And having an active child in a classroom or even at home can be tiresome for the caregiver, whether it be the teacher or the parent. Drugging them is a simple solution to make that kind of child more manageable. I get a lot of agreement from these parents and understanding that they’re dangerous. But when I mention natural ways to deal with ther child, I get the same response. Oh I agree with you, but my child really has ADD/ADHD. They continue on their merry way with drugging their child.

I wouldn’t necessary say these parents are lazy. They may be of the belief that their child really does need it. Their child has been on them a long time. Their child is better bahaved on them. They haven’t noticed any side effects/the child hasn’t complained. The damage has already been done, so why stop. The weaning will be too difficult. The teachers at the school told me they won’t allow my child to attend unless they are medicated. The list goes on. I have heard many excuses to keep the child on drugs. I just don’t understand the complacency these parents have. Yes it is harder to have an active child, but that’s healthy for that child. They are harder to control, you just need to learn their way in order to function. A lot of people grow accustomed to having their child more mellow. But it’s scary to think of the permanent damage they are doing to their child. Children on stimulants have a smaller frontal lobe by about 10%. Why would any parent do that to their child? That’s child abuse.

And what about the woman who finds out she’s pregnant? It won’t happen to me is a common answer. Or I don’t really understand is another. Once a woman knows the potential risk she is taking with her baby and continues anyway regardless is also child abuse. Yes it is hard to get off of them. Taking your chance that it won’t happen to you is a deadly game. Had I known I would have gotten off as soon as I learned the facts. The numbers are high. All 5 pregnancies I’ve had while on these drugs have been affected. That’s 100%. That’s an incredibaly high number. Why take the risk? Maybe nothing will happen to your child but why try? You could say that I will let my child run into the street, he won’t get hit. What are the chances that a car is coming at that time he darts on the street? Why would you look at me as a mother who doesn’t care about my child and that I’m willing to take dangerous chances with their life? I really don’t believe that the 2 situations are different. Sure, he may get hit by that car, but he may not. Maybe I’m willing to take the risk. It won’t happen to me. But taking these drugs, the car is there. It’s on that street. We just don’t know when it’s going to cross our path.



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