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To Matthew on your 5th Birthday


Hi Son,

Well, it’s been 5 whole years since we met and so abruptly had to say goodbye. And even though you have not physically been here with us, what a profound impact you have had on our lives.Your brothers and sisters, even though they’ve never met you live every day with you as a very real part of their lives.

As I think about how we SHOULD be preparing for your 5th birthday, I imagine a little boy beaming as he approaches every person he meets, holding out 5 fingers and announcing to the world “I’m five years old!” I imagine you being underfoot and getting into whatever surprises we have in store for you. I imagine a birthday cake with 4 smoldering candles and one still aflame with your older sisters pestering you about having a girlfriend…..that’s a wonderful image.

Sadly, we don’t get that with you. Instead we will try our best as a family to commemorate your day. We’ll take the time to enjoy each other’s company. We’ll take your baby sister for her first swim at the pool, perhaps watch a Disney movie on the big screen, Ice Cream cake for the birthday boy, and if mommy’s up to it, we may even take in a Merritt Centennials game. We will do all these things out of an unquenchable love for you, and with good measure of sadness in our hearts that we do not get to celebrate with you.

It’s been five years since we had to let you go, seems like an eternity already. I can only imagine that the years to come will likewise feel like an eternity, until that glorious day when we are all reunited in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

I don’t know if any of this will ever make sense. But in your very short life, you have touched so many other lives, and arguably saved countless more. Today is a bittersweet day, as I received word from our lawyers that a lawsuit was filed on your behalf today to try and get the justice you deserve. This is everything that we have been fighting for for 5 years, and I hope that you are proud of us for fighting for you.

 Please watch over us dear Matthew, especially your little brother Daniel and baby sister Olivia. 

Happy Birthday in Heaven son.



February 21, 2014 at 7:25 am 1 comment

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